Estrombol is an Anabolic that has a greater anabolic effect with a minimum androgenic effect when compared to its counterparts.




Maximum power in tissue construction with minimal side effect.


Estrombol is an Anabolic that has a greater anabolic effect with a minimum androgenic effect when compared to its counterparts.

Use in sport horses, dogs and cats with myopathies (myositis, white muscle disease), severe anemias, osteoporosis, fractures and osteolysis.

Dosage: Estrombol
– Small dogs and cats: 0.5 to 1.0 mL total (25mg);
– Medium and large dogs: 1.0 to 2.0 mL total (50 mg);
– Horses: 1mL / 50kg weight (25mg / 50kg weight).

Use restriction: pregnant animals

Control laboratory tests of animals with cardiovascular and renal changes (sodium retention occurs). It may affect the tolerance response to glucose and glycemia, increase excretion of creatinine and alter the excretion of transaminases and alkaline phosphatase, and the closing of epiphyses of growing foals may occur. Treatment should be stopped 8 days before competition on sport horses.

Drug interaction:
Potentiates the action of anticoagulants and in diabetic animals, increases the sensitivity of the insulin response.

Stanozolol (2.5g / 100mL), excipient qsp (100 mL).

Method of administration: injectable (deep MI).



Anabolic steroid therapy for use in sport horses and dogs
Injectable use


Each 100 mL contains.
Stanozolol – 2.5g
Excipient q.s.p – 100 mL.


Strombol is an anabolic that has a greater anabolic effect with minimal androgenic effect, comparing it to its similars.


Estrombol is indicated in the following tables: myopathic conditions (myositis, white muscle disease), severe anemia, osteoporosis, fractures and osteolysis.


Its use in pregnant animals should be avoided.


Particular attention should be paid to animals with cardiovascular or renal failure, due to sodium and water retention. It should be controlled with a laboratory test and in case the pathology worsens, its use should be stopped. Glucose tolerance response and blood glucose determination are affected. Increases the excretion of creatinine and changes in transaminases and alkaline phosphatase can be noted. In normal use, up to 14 consecutive days, no androgenic side effects are noted, except for a slight increase in libido in males, less in dogs. No closing of growth epiphys was observed in foals. In longer treatments, if androgenic collateral signs begin to occur, administration should be stopped. Administration on sport horses should be suspended eight days before the competition.

Drug interactions

Potentiates the action of anticoagulants. In diabetic dogs, the sensitivity of the insulin response increases.

Dosage and directions for use

Deep intramuscular route. Doses can be repeated every 7 days, or at the discretion of the Veterinarian.
Horses: 1 mL / 50 kg weight (25 mg / 50 kg weight)
Large and medium-sized dogs: 1 to 2 mL total (50 mg)
Small dogs and cats: 0.5 to 1 mL total (25 mg)
Do not combine any other drugs in the same syringe.


Vial containing 10 mL.


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